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Our very own Perfetto Platinum Jubilee Trifle!

The Platinum pudding for the Queen's Jubilee was a Lemon Trifle... Well we can do one better - Here's our deliciously refreshing Blood Orange Jubilee Trifle!

Recipe - Serves 4:

  • 1 packet orange jelly

  • Orange slices (flesh only)

  • 350ml Blood Orange Perfetto

  • Savoiardi sponge fingers

  • 1tbsp sugar

  • 250g mascarpone

  1. Dissolve jelly using 284ml boiling water in a jug, top up with 2o0ml Perfetto Blood Orange

  2. Add orange slices to glasses and pour in the jelly - refrigerate to set

  3. Dissolve sugar in 100ml Perfetto Blood Orange

  4. Add sponge fingers until slight softened

  5. Break up and layer on top of the jelly

  6. With a whisk or hand mixer, mix the mascarpone with the remaining 50ml Perfetto Blood Orange until creamy

  7. Spoon onto the sponge and jelly in the glasses - top with an orange and any remaining soaked sponges!

Post your Perfetto Jubilee pics on instagram!
Don't forget to tag us #perfettomoments

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